Marais is a 4-piece screamo outfit from Germany. Last July, they came down to South East Asia for a tour and played in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We managed to get some time and did a short interview with them. We renamed ourselves as ( W ), Marais as (M), Patrick as (P), Karsten as (K), Davin as (D) and Basti as (B) to ease the process. Here is the outcome:


W: Hi guys, please introduce yourselves.

P: Hi, I’m Patrick and I’m from Cologne. I play the drums and do some vocals for Marais.

K: Hi, I’m Karsten and I’m also from Cologne. I play the bass.

D: Hi, I’m Davin. I’m from Cologne and I play the guitar.

B: Hi, I’m Basti and I live in Leipzig. I’m the vocalist for Marais.

W: Tell us about Marais. How did it happened?

M: Marais formed back in late 2012. All of us knew each other since 2011 and on that time we all live in Cologne. That one time, we hungout and we were just sitting and one of us came out with an idea of forming a band, and thought it would be great if we play screamo. Our first song was rough, short and simple. Then, we slowly develop by adding more variety and focus more on melodies.


W: It’s a suprise that Marais would come to South East Asia, since it’s been quite some time since a screamo band from Europe came here. Tell us on how the tour happened?

M: 2 years ago back in 2014, Delos and Marais were on tour and played together for the Cry Me A River festival (CMAR). During the fest, Amat and Mimi from Sjanse were there. They approached us and we had a chat. Half a year later, I asked them that would they be interested to play for CMAR 2015 and they said yes. So, on that year we toured together with Sjanse.

Then, we became good friends with Sjanse, and that one time, the Sjanse boys were joking about having Marais in South East Asia. We actually thought that it’s a good idea. We made proper plans with Mimi, and he helped us to book the SEA tour. We booked our flight tickets, and now here we are! Haha

Our tour is supported by ‘Initiative Musik’, an initiative for loacal musicians in Germany. They provide German bands with funds to tour abroad.

W: So, you guys already played 2 shows by now, which were Singapore and Batu Pahat, Johor. So, describe briefly about South East Asia.

M: It was crazy! I never expect that there are a big community that are into screamo. It was totally sick when people sing along to our songs, and gone extremely mad when we did the Tristan Tzara cover. In Batu Pahat, people were crowd surfing and sang with us, it was crazy! I also find that people here are friendly and kind, besides having interest on what we’re doing.


W: How did you guys discover South East Asia screamo?

K: My first band from SEA would be Kias Fansuri. During CMAR 2010, I bought the Kias Fansuri tape, released by Utarid Tapes.

P: My first tape from Utarid Tapes was the June Paik Discography tape. I bought it during CMAR 2011. When I checked the sleeve, I saw there’s Arwith’s name. From Utarid Tapes, I knew Kias Fansuri, Daighila and Orbitcinta Benjamin.

D: It’s from Utarid Tapes, but I have no expectations on that time, I don’t even know about the South East Asia scene until i got here.

B: It’s from Moment Of Collapse, through the 6-way Connection Split, and also the Kias Fasnsuri tape from Utarid Tapes.


W: You guys seen two different situations now. So, compare the difference between SEA and Germany.

M: For me, the show organization is still the same. The difference are, in Germany you need to bring your own backline because venues don’t provide them. In SEA, everything is provided.

Next, in Germany, bands get money from shows. In SEA, we don’t experience that. And also, in SEA, there are more bands in a show compared to Germany.


W: Okay, here’s a fun question! Tell us what is your best ever band you watched live.

P: La Quiete

K: Battle Of Wolf 359, they are my favorite screamo band.

B: I’ll go with Trainwreck (Basti took a very long time to decide between Trainwreck and Comadre)

D: June Paik


W: What you guys would tell to someone who wants to form a screamo band?

B: Go for it!

K: Don’t ever listen to new wave screamo, and don’t even try to be a musician! Just play what you want.

P: Don’t listen to any rules. Go get an Orchid record and do whatever you want with it! Haha

D: Play and go!


W: Share with us on Marais’ progress afrer the SEA tour.

M: We plan to write new material and record them. We’re also planning on doing a reissue of our releases as SEA version and maybe a 10″ in Germany soon.



W: Last question, when you guys planned for the tour, do you guys have any special band requests?

M: Sjanse – We toured with them and we’re good friends.

Piri Reis – We love their music, we listen to them alot back in Germany.

Daighila – We like them, but we haven’t watch them yet.

Daily Ritual – We watched them during their Europe tour, but it didn’t work out to have them playing with us.


W: That’s all guys, thanks for your time. We hope you guys have a good time in SEA.

M: No problem!




hmv 363 Oxford Street, London - Interior of store late 1960s or early 1970s

Record Store day (RSD) is going to be happening this weekend and people are counting down for the one full day of record celebration. It’s gonna be a very busy day especially for collectors to either complete their record collection or adding a new piece of record to their record shelves.

So, on this special occasion, we decided to hold a special interview featuring few personnel regarding the RSD. For this interview, we managed to ask around few questions to:

Adzuan Idris of Daighila (vocals) and Stoneville

Alex of (We build the world and) Miss The Stars Records/Blog

Shawn Decker of Coma Regalia (vocals, guitars) and Middle-Man Records

Wan Hazril of Crimescene (bass) and Tandang Store

So, here’s the interview:

Based on your opinion, can the RSD be a force of attraction to generate new collectors? If so, how?

Adzuan: I didn’t remember growing up with vinyls. Basically, i grew up with cassettes. If you compare vinyls with cassettes, cassettes gives a bigger impact. However, if we look on a general view, the RSD focus more on making vinyls a hype. So, yes indeed, it’s a force of attraction to generate new collectors. RSD is a yearly event, where people are celebrating the collecting culture. At the same time, small labels and music lovers can gather up, do business and, listen and share their personal collection. From that, more collectors and listeners will be generated.

Alex: Basically, this whole RSD thing is a pretty double-edged sword, with some pros and a lot of cons. Referring to the question, I would say yes. RSD is a really huge media event nowadays. Almost every music print/online magazine, no matter if it’s alternative or not, going totally nuts about it. Vinyls are everywhere even before the RSD. So as a result, probably some more people will get interested in vinyls. Which is awesome, if it’s seen from this angle.

Shawn: I think it (RSD) could generate new collectors from the mainstream audience. Independent labels and DIY bands have pretty much always made vinyl available for their fans but RSD has brought a resurgence in repressing older mainstream Pop and Rock albums that major labels and their affiliates didn’t see the monetary value in repressing until the RSD started really picking up steam. This is a good thing for record stores because they can make some money off but it’s bad for independent labels that have been keeping vinyl alive all this time because it clogs up the presses and makes it very difficult to get a record out in a timely fashion. It would be seen that a lot of pressing plants give precedence to the bigger labels who are spending the bigger bucks.

Wan Hazril: You don’t have to wait for RSD to start listening to good records and be a record collector. Just enjoy yourself checking a new band at a show, share music with friends, visit record stores whenever they stock some good shit and let it be more organic rather than trendy.


How do you think RSD will give benefits to bands?

Adzuan: To help a band, it actually depends on the label and the band itself on their promotion method. A small range of bands/artists who release their material on vinyl format, both international and local acts. If we look at sales, it can’t push that much but it may generate intereste from those who are collecting vinyls.

Alex: For the bands contributing to the RSD – well except for the press and some likes on Facebook and etc. – none – in my opinion. For all other – absolutely none – immense long waiting lists at the pressing plants before the RSD and stuff.

Shawn: Some shop will have in store performances from local bands on RSD. This could give bands the opportunity to sell their own records at the shop. Maybe some people who are coming in to buy latest pressing of a classic rock album would also see their records and take a chance on it.

Wan Hazril: During the RSD, mainstream record labels controlled the pressing plants which is quite limited nowadays (in Malaysia). As money will control the music industry again, the smaller bands/labels will have less opportunity to get their records pressed and ready during the RSD. Bigger bands and bigger companies with more money will sooner or later control back the market and live up the trend back for their own pocket. Do you want to repeat the history of mainstream music manipulation again or get it go with DIY and independent way?

We read an article before that the RSD is actually killing the local record stores slowly. People will focus more on buying records during the event since some of the records are sold on discounted price and a wider range of records will be available on that day. This results the people will just wait for the RSD rather than going to their local record store frequently. Your comments?

Adzuan: If you ask my honest opinion, I don’t think that the RSD kills the record stores. It’s the resellers who actually do the killings where they buy records on normal price and sell it for a higher price depending on the records, especially the limited edition records. If record stores owners feel that RSD is means a loss to their business, then just don’t have one. From my opinion, RSD actually help to create a buzz on record collecting and consumption. So, I suspect that not the record stores owners who are complaining, but those assholes who keep on talking about their conspiracy theories. Here (in Malaysia), there are some record stores that can be considered as independent/DIY stores such as Tandang Store, Ricecooker, Teenage Head Records, Basement Records and etc. Most of the stores are selling the records on affordable prices, and these stores ease me to find a new record.

Alex: To be honest, I wouldn’t say that the RSD is killing the record stores. It’s more a little by little killing the vibrant and dynamic of the scene which worked dope before. Most of the releases are super-overpriced and later on sold on E-Bay at even higher price. And for sure, it’s a matter of taste but for me at least 90% of the RSD releases utterly irrelevant because I don’t need a re-re-re-press of a A-ha, The Doors or U2 record. The aftermath is, as I said before, the long waiting list on the pressing plants. It’s getting hard for smaller bands to get their vinyl-stuff done. Besides all the capitalistic bullshit, there are plenty of awesome ‘RSD Only Special Edition’ releases from truly great artists. For an Example, this year by La Dispute.

Shawn: I haven’t read anything like that but that sound like a possibility. What I have observed at least locally, is that the shops seem to get a whole lot of certain releases and the more limited releases are the ones that been sold quickly and well. The main shop I go to in town is a great shop but they have very limited space. The RSD arrivals seem to push some of the older records out of space and then I guess they do try to clear a bunch of them out and probably lose money on that.

Wan Hazril: Tandang have a lot of customers that don’t actually look for RSD titles and know what they want. So, we don’t pay attention for RSD titles that much. Plus, some of it turn out to be freaking expensive. I keep the shop having some of our own selection that we love. Chaos UK have the EP which is good. Sheer Mag from Philly put out their third 7″ EP. Helta Skelta from Australia put out an extraordinary record under Deranged Records. And even The Bollocks is one of the hell new release from Tandang that we are proud of. And most of them are not RSD titles. Just look around and find some excitement, not just during the big day.


Last question, would you mind to share the best ever record that you owned? And suggest a release that people should dig in.

Adzuan: The truth is, I’m a bit backwards in buying and owning a record, but if you ask about my favourite record, it would be from a hardcore/screamo band from Tampa, Florida which is Reversal Of Man, titled ‘Revolution Summer’. It was released in 10″ format by Independence Day. If I’m not mistaken, the band existed throughout 1995-2000. It’s considered on the same line with Orchid, Combat Wounded Veteran, Jeromes Dream and etc. From the point of it’s idea, the band’s ethics gave me a big impact when constructing and writing a song. To recommend? I don’t know much. All I can say is just dig in anything that you love. Explore, it’s fun!

Alex: Um, wow! That’s a tough one. Haha! Well, I would probably go with Antitainment’s ‘Nach Der Kippe Pogo!?’. Unbelievable perfect record! If you love screamo/emoviolence, check out all the vinyls released by Skeletal Lightning, a label from the midwest including artists such as Gilian Carter, Ostraca and letters to catalonia. So good!

Shawn: Hmm. Well, I have a few records that would make people jealous. I have and OP of Saetia LP with the tour silk screen packaging. I hear that it goes a bit on discogs and such. My favourite LP that I own however, is The Plugz’s ‘Better Luck’ on Fatima Records. My friends and I were searching through  cassette bins when we were kids and found the album on tape for $1 and when we got home we’d never heard anything like it and just loved it. After a whole lot of years went by, I felt like I just had to have it on vinyl but it was kinda hard to come by. My wife got me a really nice copy as a gift a little while back.

Wan Hazril: Come to the shop and we will spin some good shit!! The new 7″ EP from this band called PMS 84 is simply awesome, making me forget about other records for a while!

we don’t own these photos. all credits and copyrights to the photgraphers.


We are excited to announce that we will release the first benefit compilation for The Cheers To Good! Project!

The project is a benefit compilation tape where all the profits from the tape sales will be donated to needy centres in Malaysia. This time we selected a disabled children centre in Selangor, Malaysia.

This main mission of this project is to show the world that music is a powerful medium to channel out humanity, love and compassion.


The bands that will be featured on this compilation tapes are:

Urughai (Malaysia) 


Piri Reis (Malaysia)


Virginia On Duty (Malaysia)


Tapestry (Singapore)


Rûth (Singapore)


Rangka (Singapore) 


Marais (Germany)


Rebarker (Germany)


Morla (Germany)


Dead Flesh Fashion (Germany)


Ilill (Japan)


More news will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


Windows and Attics, and Meiner Veilt presents:



Wretching Hate – Demo

whHailing from Kuala Lumpur, this newly formed super band lining up members of Killeur Calculateur, Daighila, Tools of The Trade, Kah Roe Shi, The Mindless Show and Always Last came out with their first demo last January. This demo consist of 4 tracks,  each one executed impressive good. All tracks are melodic and chaotic, resembles a bit like Alpinist and Masakari. Good first impression from the band, surely people are waiting more fresh materials from them.

Chaos plugs: ON!


Virginia On Duty – Domination Of Human and Nature

vodDark, heavy and intense! Virginia On Duty comes out with a new release titled Domination Of Human and Nature. This Kuala Lumpur based emoviolence band packs 6 tracks for the listeners in their latest release. Heavy drum beats, dark bassline and the intense riffings are mixed up and alligned brilliantly.  All we can say it’s a good masterpiece from the band, surely gonna make it to our top 10 releases for this year!


Get intense!

Ilill – Demo

ilillWhat is late when it comes to good music? This japanese screamo outfit released their demo last year, in July. 3 tracks lined up in this demo. Simple, but nice. Mixed tempos, simple riffings and finally glazed with emotional screams are enough to  make this demo stands out.  This band is really gonna go somewhere!

Check them out!


Windows & Attics is no longer just an e-zine. After making considerations, we are now a recording label too, yet we’re still gonna keep on writing about good stuffs happening in the scene (technically, it’s typing). We’re expecting our first release will be out soon, maybe around April. So, stay tuned for any further news from us. Stay punk, cheers!

Windows & Attics Records.


False Plaintiff – Stenographer

a2696361628_10Stenographer is a new release from Singapore Emotive Hardcore outfit, False Plaintiff. 9 tracks lined up in this new album. Mixed emotions, anger, depression, sorrow are all channeled out through all the tracks. Overall, a good release and a good start from this Singaporean band.



Channel your emotions!


Mi’raj Aswad – Self-titled EP

a3292839775_10Powerful vocal, amazing blackgaze, it’s dark that even Kylo-Ren would love it! Another Lion City newly formed band, Mi’raj Aswad came out with their first self-titled EP. 5 tracks included in this EP, all we can say is ‘thumbs up!’.This 3-piece band carries out Post-Black Metal in a magnificent way. Organizers, take note about this band!


Blackgaze all the way!


Yong Belar – Menular
a2478909002_10The game has changed! Yong Belar (formerly known as FU) have released their Menular EP. Consist of 5 tracks, the Menular EP is a whole new identity for Yong Belar. After staying silent for quite some time, this Malaysia based Ambient Instrumental band came back strong.



Goodnight lullaby!






Malaysia’s Powerviolence outfit, Gymnastic Skull Whistling has announced an Indonesian tour with another local hero, Unholy Smokers this February!


Another news, Malaysian Emoviolence band, Virginia On Duty will also be touring Indonesia this February with Singapore Melodic Punk Rock outfit, Daily Ritual!


All the best to the touring bands and have fun! Hail chaos!



We had a chat ourselves with Piri Reis, a 5-piece screamo outfit from Shah Alam, Malaysia. After releasing their demo this year, they came out fresh with another release which is a split with Coma Regalia from Indiana, USA.

So, we had the chance to talk to Fakhri, Mira, Farhan and Jaka, and did a quick interview about their End Of Year Indonesia Tour in Sumatera which was held last November. They covered Pekan Baru, Padang and Bukit Tinggi.


Hi guys, how are you guys doing?

PR: Hi! We’re doing good!

You guys went on tour last november to Indonesia. So, how was it?

PR: It was fantastic! This was the best tour that we ever had, so far. It’s a whole new experience. The hospitality was great! And it’s Indonesia, the land of good and cheap food. We’re always full during the tour. Haha!

About the shows, they were superb! First, we played in a cafe. The second show, we played in a big music space. And lastly, this was one of the unique part of the tour. We played in a small studio, in our organizer’s house. A hardcore punk show in a house and it was a total chaos!

And the funny part was during this one show, Farhan played and standed on top of an amplifier. Then, the studio owner saw him, came and told him to climb down and don’t damage the backline. HAHAHAHA!!

What can you guys say about the Indonesian scene? 

PR: Indonesian scene is quite unique actually. Here, shows are seldomly organized so when there’s a show, it’s a full house! A mix genre show, mix genre crowd. This is where you can get a show that have grindcore, screamo, melodic punk rock and hardcore punk bands playing on one stage without discrimination.

Their passion? Massive respect! This Indonesian band, Emmahaven. They are around 16 to 18 years old in age, but they already formed a band that packs a punch.

About the crowd, the punctuality is impressive. The crowd show up early, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re a grindcore fan or a hardcore fan, their music acceptance is good. The crowd will stay and watch every band that performs during the show as a way to show support. And one more, this happened to us where after shows, the crowd stayed awhile and came to us and give motivational compliments. It was absolutely fantastic in form of how the crowd appreciate bands especially bands who are on tour.


Which band is the best band that you guys ever performed with during this tour?

PR: Emmahaven! They’re only kids, around 16 to 18 years old in age, but they are absolutely great. They have the talent, passion, and they did brought chaos upon everyone during their set. Emmahaven needs to get more attention, they’re a gem. Their sound and playing style strongly reminded us of Loma Prieta!

Tell me about your best part of the Indonesian Tour?

PR: The best part of the tour is when we went to Pasumpahan Island during a one day break during the tour. We drove 13 hours to the jetty from Pekan Baru in a mini van with 8 people stuffed inside it. Then, we had a boat ride to the island at 3 in the morning! No lifejackets, just loads of prayers and gambling. HAHA

We stayed the night in an open air shack. Can you believe it? 3 in the morning, one hour boat ride, no lights, sleep in an open air shack, fucking cold weather. It was crazy! And one more special thing about the island, there are no mosquitos.

But after sunrise, the view is absolutely stunning. We don’t expect that the island is that beautiful but there it is, heaven-like!


That sounds so much fun, except the no lifejackets part. Haha! Okay, let’s talk about the future. What is Piri Reis’ plan in both short and long term?

PR: 2016 will be a very busy year for us. Most of us have big commitments and need to focus more on them. And currently, we’re on track in producing new materials. We can’t wait to hit the studio again and start recording again! We try to play as many shows that we can while improving ourselves, in term of both chemistry and our sound. We also planning a tour, maybe to Sabah this time, in the future. In terms of long term planning, we always dream of going on a tour in Europe and play in the Cry Me A River Fest someday. The fest is like every screamo bands’ dream!

If you guys have the chance to play on stage together, who would it be?

PR: JUNE PAIK! We always looking forward to play with this band since they are one of Piri Reis’ influence. Other than that, we also keen on playing on the same stage with Killie, Kaospilot, Ampere, Louise Cyphere and our local legend, Utarid.

How about releasing a split?

PR: Locally, we’ve always wanted to release a split with Daighila and Virginia On Duty.

Internationally, a split with Ampere, June Paik or Raein would be absolutely great!

Here’s a random question! What’s your other genre of choice if Piri Reis is not a screamo band?

Jaka: Electronic Indie or Psychedellic Rock would be nice.

Fakhri: 90s Emo Rock.

Farhan: I’m into Shoegaze and 80s Post-Punk.

Mira: Melodic Punk Rock like Dustbox!

Would you like to share what do you guys feel about this band?

Fakhri: Piri Reis gives me a special vibe, I feel this is the place where I belong. I have this special feeling and the passion in hitting the drums when I’m with Piri Reis.

Mira: One way to know your bandmates inside out is going on tour with them. I experienced it twice and I feel that special feeling. We’re still new but we’re like a family. Everyone takes part in every band’s progress and everyone is there for each other.

Jaka: It’s my childhood dream to form a band and play with passion, and then there’s Piri Reis. It’s not just a band, it’s more than that. Piri Reis have a special soul that is so unique, I can’t find it elsewhere.

Farhan: I feel comfortable with Piri Reis. Like Mira said, we are like a family. We are there for each other. We went through many things together. It’s something special.

PR: And one more thing, we want to personally thank Arwith for everything. It’s an honour when he agreed to join us. He’s like a father to us. He care about us, teach and guide us in everything about forming a band. From choosing an influence until making new contacts and other stuffs. Biggest appreciation goes to him!

Thank you guys for spending some time and share about the tour and the band’s progress. We hope you guys succeed in the future and we can’t wait to have a listen to Piri Reis’ new materials.

PR: You’re gonna hear it, soon. Thanks for having us.

Piri Reis’ Bandcamp

Emmahaven’s Bandcamp



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